3 Ways Virtual Reality Technology Will Affect Event Transportation

June 21, 2017

VR technology is said to be on the brink of emerging as a vital tool for top businesses in nearly every marketplace and industry. Here’s how VR could make its first big impacts on the events and ground transportation verticals.

Before traveling to a destination, we’re compelled to research the place we’re going to and get a feel for what the area is like. Whether it’s for a far-off hotel, new restaurant, or local city attraction, we look up the place online and try to check it out before arrival. It’s natural.

Virtual Reality technology has come a long way in the past few years, and many experts are predicting that the travel and tourism sectors will be the first to utilize this new technology and bring it to mainstream customers. Special cameras are documenting locations in 3-D so that guests can put on virtual reality headsets and take virtual tours of wherever they’d like to go, before they even make plans to go there.

Here’s how this new technology can impact the corporate event industry and group travel.

1. Virtual Reality will broaden the target audience of events, leading to more event attendance with greater diversity. It’s a hot topic of debate on whether better digital communication technologies are spurring or inhibiting actual business travel, but many experts are finding that the experience of face-to-face meetings and actual travel are still irreplaceable. In fact, greater access to technology like video conferencing (and soon virtual reality), will likely inspire more people to make trips to attend conferences and events, because they will want to experience it in person.

2. Event centers will have virtual reality tours available for planners, as well as tours of nearby points of interest to entice more actual travelers to the event. For event planners, they’ll be able to take virtual tours of ballrooms and networking foyers to help make decisions on where to book. Also, possible attendees will be able to take virtual tours of nearby hotspots in the city, which could encourage them to attend and create more demand for arranged transportation to these nearby venues.

3. Airlines, hotels, and even ground transportation providers will offer virtual reality tours of their equipment and facilities. Eventually, it’s likely that virtual reality will replace current 360 degree picture tours that showcase the insides of airplane cabins, large luxury buses, and hotel rooms, so passengers will know how much leg room and storage space they’ll have before they even buy a ticket or make a booking.

As the new virtual reality trend gets going, DPV Transportation Worldwide will be there to help event planners and corporate group business travel managers get their clients wherever they need to go in a quick, safe, and trustworthy fashion. DPV Transportation is a specialist in group event travel and has experience working with Fortune 500 companies using our fleet of luxury buses, mini coaches, SUVs, Sprinter shuttles, and sedans.

Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.