Frequently Asked Questions

What Services does DPV offer?

DPV offers a wide range of revolutionary ground transportation services, including corporate shuttle bus services, managed transportation solutions, on-demand chauffeurs, black car services, charter bus services, as well as meeting and event transportation.

DPV also supports organizations across industries with call center services. Explore all that DPV has to offer you here.

Which locations does DPV serve?

DPV offers black car services, charter bus services, and meeting & event transportation all across the globe. Currently, DPV shuttle bus services, managed transportation solutions and on-demand chauffeurs move people forward all around the United States.

Who uses DPV’s corporate shuttle services?

DPV provides corporate shuttle services, managed transportation solutions, and on-demand chauffeurs to many organizations including hospitals, corporations, public transit authorities. Employees, commuters, and community members ride private shuttles through their respective organizations on a daily basis.

Which black car services does DPV offer?

DPV offers ground transportation for VIP guests, airport transfers, private aviation, road shows, wedding transportation, and meetings/events.

What vehicle options does DPV offer?

See our fleet here to explore our vast collection of professionally chauffeured late-model vehicles.

How can I learn more information about a particular DPV service?

See the list of all our services here.

How can I determine which DPV service best suits my organization?

Click here to schedule a free consultation with a DPV ground transportation expert to explore the best ways for your organization to move forward.

How can I request a quote?

Click here to request a complimentary, comprehensive estimation of what a seamless transportation service should cost you.

How can I reserve a professionally chauffeured DPV vehicle?

Click here to reserve one of our late-model vehicles and revolutionize your ride, in comfort and safety.

Does DPV offer handicap-accessible vehicles?

Yes, DPV offers handicap-accessible vehicles in an effort to give every individual the ability to move forward. Explore our late-model fleet here.

Does DPV offer environmentally friendly vehicles?

Yes, DPV offers a range of sustainable and electric vehicles to move the world ahead with you. Explore your environmentally friendly options here.

Are DPV’s on-demand chauffeurs CDL or non-CDL?

To best meet your unique needs, DPV offers both CDL and non-CDL options for our ground transportation services.

What credentials do DPV Chauffeurs have?

All DPV professionals are privately trained, fully licensed, commercially insured, and background checked. Chauffeurs are routinely screened for drugs and alcohol and must pass ongoing criminal, TSA, and Homeland Security security checks. Our rigorous training program teaches our chauffeurs to master driving techniques as well as customer service.

Can I hire DPV’s certified and professionally trained chauffeurs to operate my organization’s private vehicles?

Yes, while our shuttle bus services and managed transportation solutions include chauffeurs, DPV also offers on-demand chauffeurs with complimentary transportation technology for corporations, hospitals, and public transit authorities.

What measures has DPV put in place in light of COVID-19?

Amid evolving public health challenges, DPV has acted quickly to implement a myriad of new procedures so that we can continue to provide safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation to each of our valued passengers. See our complete updated COVID-19 protocols here.