Employee Shuttle Services

DPV provides efficient and cost-effective employee shuttle services and corporate shuttle bus services in New England.

Our corporate transportation programs help businesses seamlessly move their workforce between locations and designated pick-up points, ensuring punctuality and organizational efficiency.

DPV's Shuttle Service for Employees

At DPV Transportation, we boast a fleet of luxury late-model shuttle buses and charter vehicles, guaranteeing safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation for your employees.

Our highly trained professional chauffeurs, along with amenities such as Wi-Fi, heating, AC, branding, and a real-time tracking app, make our employee shuttle services the ultimate managed transportation solution in New England.

Partnering with DPV Transportation for your employee transportation program offers numerous advantages. From tax breaks to enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction, we streamline your employees’ day-to-day transportation needs.

Enhance your Corporate Transportation!


Multiple Transportation Solutions

Our fixed-route shuttle service provides diverse transportation solutions for your employees' daily commute. These solutions include shuttle buses to and from work, the airport, and other locations based on a carefully tailored schedule. We customize routes, schedules, and services to offer a managed transportation service perfectly suited to your company's requirements.

Help increase productivity and employee satisfaction

Implementing a shuttle program can significantly enhance productivity and employee satisfaction within your company. By relieving employees of the stress associated with traffic and public transportation, they can relax and utilize their commuting time more effectively. Whether it's sharing ideas, catching up on emails, or planning their day ahead, our executive shuttles with Wi-Fi, luxury seating, and other amenities create a conducive environment for employees to feel valued and motivated.

Safe alternative to public transportation

DPV's corporate shuttles serve as a reliable, convenient, and safe alternative to public transportation. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, private mini-buses ensure that employees feel secure. We customize safety guidelines in accordance with your company policies, covering areas such as masking, distancing, sanitation, and temperature checks.

Enhance Employee Satisfaction and Attract New Recruits

By offering a reliable and experienced fixed-route shuttle service like DPV's, you can enhance your company's image and attract new recruits. Providing a private shuttle service sets you apart from competitors and demonstrates your commitment to going the extra mile for your employees. It not only boosts current employees' satisfaction but also appeals to prospective talent.

Eligibility for Tax Cuts and Incentives

In certain locations, the federal government provides tax breaks and incentives to companies offering transportation solutions for their employees. By availing these commuting benefits, you can save costs for your company while simultaneously providing invaluable benefits to your employees.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

A single shuttle bus carrying 25 passengers significantly reduces carbon emissions compared to 25 individual cars on the road. This not only contributes to environmental preservation but also reduces traffic congestion and saves employees money on fuel expenses, alleviating the stress of driving. Your commitment to eco-friendly practices will be appreciated by both your employees and the environment.

State-of-the-Art Shuttle Buses for Employee Transportation

Our fleet comprises various types and sizes of corporate shuttles and charter buses, allowing us to accommodate the number of employees being transported. Rest assured DPV Transportation can meet the needs of any group size and budget.

Here are some fleet options for your company’s transportation program:

Group 17

Luxury Executive Mini Buses

Ideal for small companies, our luxury corporate shuttles provide stylish employee transportation between different locations. With seating for up to 31 passengers, these minibusses are suitable for both short and long trips, making them perfect for company outings or interoffice travel.

Transit Buses

Larger companies often utilize low-floor transit buses to offer a daily employee shuttle for free. These buses can accommodate anywhere between 14 to 56 passengers and are well-suited for company outings, team-building activities, and more. They are equipped with wheelchair and mobility access, featuring low-floor ramps or lifts for easy accessibility. Additionally, these late-model buses are suitable for corporate transportation, facilitating the transportation of clients and guests to and from your office or events.


Motor Coaches

Our deluxe motor coaches can accommodate up to 55 passengers. These buses come with amenities such as restrooms, Wi-Fi, and televisions, making them an excellent choice for business trips, city tours, or company events. They provide a safe and comfortable ride regardless of the journey’s length.

Executive Passenger Vans & Transit Vans

For transportation needs involving up to 14 employees, our transit vans and executive passenger vans offer a convenient solution. These vans come equipped with amenities like Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and storage space, providing a comfortable experience for your employees.


Electric & Sustainable Vehicles

We also offer a line of electric and sustainable vehicles, accommodating 14 to 56 passengers. These vehicles feature customizable floor plans, flip and fold-away seating, wheelchair accessibility, and bicycle racks. With 100% rechargeable power, zero emissions, and complete sustainability, they are an eco-friendly transportation option.

Last-Mile Connections

We offer a variety of luxury mini-coaches, buses, and vans ideal for daily employee shuttles between the workplace and other public transportation stops. Our vehicles, equipped with heating, air conditioning, and various amenities (including Wi-Fi, leather seats, radios, and TVs, depending on the model), ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride. We can arrange pick-up services for your employees from their homes or a central location.

Employee Shuttle Services

Costs and Payment Terms

DPV Transportation’s employee shuttle services offer competitive rates and convenient payment options. Our pricing is based on the event or purpose, as well as the vehicle’s size. We also provide group discounts for businesses with recurring needs, such as fixed-route services and longer contract periods.


DPV Transportation Technologies

At DPV Transportation, we place significant emphasis on technology. Our vehicles are equipped with enterprise monitoring systems that track chauffeur behaviors, run times, and vehicle performance. Additionally, we have two-way communication, onboard security cameras, and passenger identification systems to ensure authorized access. We provide real-time ridership analytics, enabling you to determine optimal times, schedules, and vehicle requirements.

Shuttle Bus & Charter Bus Real-Time Tracking System

Our GPS tracking system is a vital component of our operations, enabling us to monitor our chauffeurs and vehicles at all times. This allows us to provide accurate estimated arrival times (ETAs) to our clients. With your branded shuttle bus app, you’ll stay informed in real time.

Rigorous Safety Measures

Rigorous Safety Measures

At DPV Transportation, we prioritize safety and adhere to stringent safety measures. Our vehicles undergo regular inspections by licensed mechanics, and we maintain liability insurance for each vehicle. Our chauffeurs are all licensed and insured, with a strict policy against drinking and driving. They are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

We provide child safety seats and seat belts for all passengers, and our shuttles are equipped with GPS tracking devices. Furthermore, our 24-hour dispatch center ensures that our chauffeurs are always available to meet your transportation needs.


Largest Certified Minority Owned Ground Transportation Business
in New England

Diversity and equal opportunity are essential values for us as a minority-owned transportation company. With 80% of our employees being minorities, four times the industry average, we take pride in our MBE certifications from the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office, National Supplier Development Council, NYC Small Business Services, and Department of Transportation DBE Certification. Additionally, we have maintained the highest DOT safety ratings for the past five years.

How much does it cost to rent a shuttle bus?

Multiple factors go into the cost of a shuttle bus rental. It’s not a one-price-fits-all. Our quotes are tailored to each company or group depending on its needs.

When one of our representatives prepares your quote, they will need to review how long and how far you’d be traveling. You can rent buses by hour, day, or mileage depending on the details of your trip.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the time of the year can cause the price to go up because of high demand. Route travel fees need to be considered as well

How to rent a shuttle bus?

When renting a shuttle you can choose from five different types, each has its own unique features and advantages. The key factors you need to consider when renting a shuttle are group size, distance traveled, and desired amenities.

Contact us and one of our specialists will be glad to help with your quote. When building your bus itinerary and routes it’s helpful to have some information ready such as your headcount, the locations that will be visited, and the pick-up and drop-off locations of your passengers, to name a few.

Are shuttle service for employees public transport?

They can be a type of public transport used to transport people from one location to another in a confined location. They are used for short trips in business districts, employment, and education campuses, and parks or recreation areas.

However, the type of shuttle service for employees we offer is private. They can be used for various types of events. We offer a wide range of vehicles to transport big to small groups with different types of amenities.

What are the benefits of a corporate shuttle service?

Corporate shuttle services provide convenient, safe, reliable, and stylish transportation for groups of all sizes.

They are the best way for groups to travel efficiently, especially in cities with complicated traffic like Los Angeles or New York City. With a shuttle bus, you can make sure everyone arrives on time, at the same time, and also refreshed because of the comfort and amenities we offer.

Our vehicles come with free WiFI and power outlets for your travelers to stay connected during their trip. They can also sit back and relax on the reclined cushioned seats and watch a movie on their personal tv screens.

There are also amenities like overhead storage for bags and lunchboxes, DVD players, a PA system for announcements, climate controls, and even accessible features like wheelchair lifts, which are available upon request.

The amenities are available depending on the vehicle type and size. Contact us today so one of our specialists can guide you and help connect you with the correct type to fit your needs.

What is the difference between a shuttle bus and a bus?

The term shuttle refers to a type of bus that makes trips between two, or sometimes more, locations in confined places and it ‘’shuttles’’ passengers around.

They are mostly used to move groups of people between places and usually, transportation is their only objective. For example, they are used to shuttle people from a hotel to an airport, or to and from an event, to move students through a college campus.

Shuttles are sometimes referred to as ‘’minibusses’’ because they usually fit from 8 to 14 passengers. However, they are not determined by size since outdoor shuttles for sports events can be quite large.

Now, a bus is a type of transport that is used to carry and drop off people as well as their luggage from one place to another. It is mostly used to connect various cities and towns. Local buses make various stops to drop off passengers in different locations.

The Main Differences Between a Charter Bus and a Shuttle Bus

What size is a shuttle bus?

Within our fleet, you can find a wide range of vehicles. Here are some of the most common types of shuttle bus rentals:

Shuttle Vans: They are ideal to transport small groups of people over short distances. It has a capacity of 18 passengers.

Minibusses: They offer the comfort of a coach bus but for smaller groups. They can accommodate up to 22 passengers and are ideal for shorter trips because of their storage capacity.

Mini Coach Bus Shuttle: These are as comfortable as their full-size counterparts and have a capacity of up to 31 passengers.

Coach Bus: Nothing beats the comfort of a coach bus for more significant events or long distances. With a capacity of up to 57 passengers and plenty of under-body luggage storage.

How many people fit in a corporate shuttle?

If you need to transport a smaller group of people over a short distance a corporate shuttle is a great choice. It has a capacity of eight to fifteen passengers and amenities such as air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and baggage storage —depending on the model. They are an excellent option for shorter trips.

What type of bus can I book?

Here are some of the most common types of bus rentals:

Deluxe Motor Coaches: When you’re looking for a luxury motor coach rental partner, DPV has everything you need. Our deluxe motor coaches are perfect for large groups—up to 55 passengers per vehicle.

Low-Floor Transit Buses: DPV has added low-floor transit buses to its late-model fleet to service Regional Transit Authorities, daily commute services, or employee shuttle services. It can accommodate between 14 to 56+ passengers.

Luxury Executive Mini-Coaches: Ideal for your next corporate outing or convention. Luxury mini-coach rentals are available for 27 or 31 passengers.

Executive Passenger Vans: Our luxury passenger van limousine service is the perfect solution for small executive group airport drop-offs/pick-ups and transfers or executive retreats. A luxury van rental, up to 13 passengers with luggage.

Transit Vans: Our Professional Boston van service offers Luxury Passenger Vans that are great for airport transfers, corporate events, Athletic trips, and much more. They can accommodate 14 Passengers without luggage.

Where are DPV's corporate shuttle service available?

Our affiliate network covers over 550 cities in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, yet all our customer touchpoints take place in Boston, MA. Our ground transportation experiences are rooted in unparalleled professionalism. Connect with us to go anywhere safely and enjoy the ride.

Does DPV transportation have a positive impact on the environment?

DPV has taken steps towards increasing carbon emissions efficiency by incorporating electric and hybrid vehicles into its fleet. Replacing gasoline-powered vehicles over time is a positive approach toward reducing carbon emissions and transitioning towards a more sustainable future. It’s important to continue prioritizing the adoption of low-emission vehicles and exploring further opportunities for carbon reduction within the fleet.

How Does DPV help businesses meet greenhouse gas emission and ESG goals?

By incorporating DPV’s fleet, including electric vehicles, your company can effectively meet its greenhouse gas emission (ESG) goals. DPV’s fleet allows for accurate calculation of emissions, enabling you to assess the impact of your entire transportation program. This ensures that your company aligns with its ESG objectives and contributes towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to transportation.

Click here for a free assessment of your company’s GHG emission

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Cities Where Our Employee Shuttle Services Operate

At DPV, we provide transportation for employees in various cities in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York, and we offer a variety of different transportation solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Contact us today to learn more about our employee shuttle services, and let us help you make getting around easier for your employees.