Employee Shuttle & Corporate Transportation Services

Employee shuttle services or corporate shuttle services help businesses move their employees between locations and pick-up points to arrive on time and in an organized manner. Our fleet of luxury late-model shuttle buses and charter vehicles can provide your employees with safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation. Highly trained professional chauffeurs, Wi-Fi, heating, AC, branding and real-time tracking make this the ultimate managed transportation solution.

Benefits of Employee Shuttle Services Agreement with DPV

There are many benefits to having an employee shuttle services agreement with DPV to manage the day-to-day transportation of your employees. Here are some of the most important ones:


Multiple Transportation Solutions

A DPV shuttle service can provide your company with multiple transportation solutions that fit your specific needs. This can include shuttle services to and from work, to and from the airport, and to and from other locations on a daily schedule. We will customize the route, schedule and services to provide a managed transportation service perfectly tailored for your company.

Help increase productivity and employee satisfaction

DPV shuttle services can help your company increase productivity and employee satisfaction. When employees don't have to stress about traffic or taking public transportation, they can relax. They may use that free time to share ideas, get caught up on emails or plan out their day so that when they arrive at work, there ready to go. Executive shuttles have Wi-Fi, luxury seating and many amenities to make your employees feel special.

Safe alternative to public transportation

Employee shuttle services offer a reliable, convenient, and safe alternative to public transportation. COVID has changed the way we look at public transportation and providing a private shuttle will ensure employees feel safe. We customize guidelines to fit your company policies regarding masking, distancing, sanitation or temperature checks.

Helps you boost employee satisfaction and attract new recruits

A reliable and experienced shuttle service like DPV Transportation can help improve your company's image and make it more attractive to new recruits. Offering a private shuttle service may give you an advantage over your competitors when recruiting new team members. A shuttle service demonstrates to current and prospective employees that you are willing to go the extra mile for them.

Become eligible for tax cuts and other incentives

The federal government in certain locations offers tax breaks or other incentives to companies that provide transportation solutions for their employees. These commuting benefits can save your company money while at the same time providing an invaluable benefit to your employees.

Environmentally friendly

One shuttle bus holding 25 passengers has a significantly lower carbon footprint than 25 individuals’ cars on the road. This will also reduce traffic congestion and save your employees money on gas, not to mention the stress of driving. Your employees and the environment will thank you.

Types of shuttle buses for your employees

There are different types and sizes of shuttle buses and charter buses depending on the number of employees being transported. Rest assured, DVP Transportation can accommodate any size group and budget. Below are a few options for employee shuttle bus services.

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Luxury Executive Mini Coaches and Mini Buses

Small companies can benefit from using our luxury executive mini coaches to shuttle their executives between locations in style. Mini buses typically have room for up to 31 passengers, making them ideal for both long and short trips. This can be useful for trips outside of a city or between different office locations.

Transit Buses

Larger companies often use Low floor transit buses to shuttle their employees. Each bus can hold anywhere between 14 to 56 passengers and are perfect for company outings, team-building activities, and more. They feature wheelchair and mobility access, and low floor ramps or lifts for easy accessibility. These late model buses can also be used for corporate transportation, which is a great way to shuttle clients and guests to and from your office or event.

Motor Coaches

Deluxe motor coaches are a popular type of bus that can hold up to 55 passengers. They are equipped with amenities like restrooms, Wi-Fi, and televisions, making them ideal for business trips, city tours or company events. They also offer a safe and comfortable ride, no matter how long the trip is.

Fit to your needs

Whether you’re looking for a minibus or a low floor transit bus that can seat up to 56 people, DPV Transportation has you covered. We offer a wide range of shuttle services that are perfect for daily transport to and from work, any company outing, conference, or other large-scale travel events. What’s more, our buses are ADA-compliant, which means that wheelchair users can travel with us without any extra cost.

Executive Passenger Vans & Transit Vans

Transit vans and Executive passenger vans are one type of shuttle bus that can be used to transport up to 14 employees to and from work. They also have a lot of features that make them convenient for employees, including Wi-Fi, Flat Screen TV/DVD, and storage space.

Electric & Sustainable Vehicles

Our line of Electric and sustainable vehicles can accommodate 14 to 56 passengers. They have customizable floor plans, flip and fold away setting, wheelchair accessible, and bicycle racks. Vehicles are 100% rechargeable, have ZERO emissions, and are 100% sustainable.

Custom Routes and Schedules

DPV Transportation will work with you to create a shuttle bus schedule that fits your needs and those of your team. You can choose from our preset routes or have us develop a route specific to your needs. We can also provide custom signage and branding for your shuttle fleet.

Our fleet for employee transport

We have a variety of luxury coaches, buses, and vans that are ideal for corporate employee transport. Our vehicles are all late model, have heating, air conditioning, and depending on the model can have Wi-Fi, leather seats, radio, TVs, and other amenities. Our vehicles are comfortable and spacious, making every ride comfortable and enjoyable. We can pick up your employees from their homes or a central location.

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Costs and special payment terms

DPV Transportation shuttle services offer competitive rates and convenient payment options. Our rates are based on the event or purpose, as well as the size of the vehicle. We also offer group discounts for businesses with repeat business such as shuttle services and longer contract periods.


DPV transport technologies

At DPV Transportation, we have invested heavily in technology. Each vehicle is equipped with our enterprise monitoring systems to track chauffeur behaviors, run times, and vehicle performance. Vehicles also have two-way communication, and onboard security cameras and each passenger is identified as they board the vehicle to limit access to authorized users. We also provide you with real-time ridership analytics to determine the best times, schedules, and number of vehicles required.

Shuttle bus and charter bus tracking system

Our GPS tracking system is one of the most important pieces of technology we use at DPV Transportation. It allows us to always track our chauffeurs and vehicles, which provides accurate ETAs to our clients. Your branded shuttle bus app will keep you in the loop in real-time.

Safety measures

Safety measures

DPV Transportation shuttle services take safety measures very seriously. Our vehicles are inspected regularly by a licensed mechanic, and we carry liability insurance for each vehicle. Our chauffeurs are all licensed and insured. We have a strict policy against drinking and driving, and our chauffeurs are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

We provide child safety seats and seat belts for all passengers. Our shuttles are equipped with GPS tracking devices, and we maintain a 24-hour dispatch center to ensure that our chauffeurs are always available to meet your needs.



Diversity and equal opportunity are important to us as a minority-owned transportation company. 80% of our employees are minorities, which is 4 times the industry average. We are proud of our MBE certifications with Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office, National Supplier Development Council, NYC Small Business Services and Department of Transportation DBE Certification. We also have the highest DOT safety ratings for the last 5 years.

Cities with employee shuttle services by DPV

We provide employee shuttle services in various cities in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York, and we offer a variety of different transportation solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Contact us today to learn more about our employee shuttle services, and let us help you make getting around easier for your employees.