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5 Outstanding Benefits of Offering an Employee Shuttle Service

October 25, 2022

When the pandemic hit, life as we knew it changed forever. This holds especially true for the labor force.  

Now that employees are coming back to work at the office, the majority of companies, regardless of their size, industry, and type, have encountered the challenge of bringing their people back to the office safely and effectively.  

Most employees use standard modes of transportation to commute such as personal vehicles, public transportation, and ride-sharing services. Studies show that congestion caused by traffic and many other factors expose employees to stress and other health risks which in turn affects their performance. 

For that reason, the world’s most productive and renowned enterprises have started to use corporate shuttle services and private buses to transport their workforce and ensure their well-being.  

We have created this guide to show you 5 key benefits of providing an employee shuttle service to start improving your employee’s life quality and help your business thrive. 

1. Increased Employee Productivity: 

This is one of the main benefits of choosing an employee shuttle service for your company. When riding a corporate shuttle to work employees become less stressed. They can relax, which in turn makes them more alert and productive.  

Shuttle transportation gives employees the ability to jumpstart their day and get work done during their commute. They can catch up on emails, share ideas with peers or simply plan out their day so when they get to work, they are ready to go. 

Executive shuttles have Wi-Fi and luxury seating among other amenities of a premium service.  

2. Improved Punctuality

Traffic congestion often causes employees to be late, especially since they have to commute during peak hours. Plus, waiting at traffic junctions, whether it is driving or in overcrowded public transportation, is also a major stress factor. This affects work schedules, deadlines, and your worker’s health.  

Offering a corporate shuttle service with a costume schedule to pick up employees at a determined time makes it easier to not only have them arrive on time but also at the same time.  

Productivity can be prompted for everyone as soon as the day begins, so you can have most of the workforce start their day at the same time which can make a staggering difference in your business’ growth.  

3. Environmentally Friendly 

Employee shuttle services are a sustainable solution for transportation, and the difference they can make for the environment is huge. Electric sustainable buses are a smart way to limit transportation in individual vehicles which reduces the carbon footprint of each person and eases traffic congestion. 

By encouraging all employees to travel in the minibus, you would not only be providing a safe, reliable, and comfortable means of transport. But you would also be helping cut back a great deal on the emissions of greenhouse gases and as a result, having a positive influence on the environment. 

4. Helps Save Money

Traffic jams eat away at our time and money. On average, an employee spends 20% of their salary and 2 hours of their day commuting. By offering a corporate shuttle, this part of their income can be saved.  

Providing shuttle routes not only reduces costs for workers it also offers a much safer and more comfortable way to travel, especially if the employee needs to cover a long distance to get to work.  

For employers, this benefit can help cut the costs of parking maintenance. Usually, parking facilities used by employees are paid for by the company. Once workers start using the shuttle route service, parking spaces can be reduced. Trimming down the number of cars will result in lower parking rent, having an enormous impact on the company’s economy for the positive. 

5. Eligibility for tax costs 

It is clear that companies that offer a corporate shuttle as part of their benefits can help significantly reduce their expenses overall, but a great advantage you can attain is provided by the government. In certain locations, tax breaks and other incentives are offered for companies that provide commuting benefits to their employees.  

So not only will you be providing an invaluable improvement in life quality to your workers but also receiving benefits for doing so.  

Partner with DPV Transportation today! 

DPV’s shuttle service for employees can help your company in many ways. You will have happier and safer employees while saving money for your corporation and receiving amazing benefits. 

If you want to have more productive employees and become a more environmentally conscious company this is the time to do so. 

Do not miss out on this opportunity to turn your business around for the better and start enjoying all the wonderful benefits of providing an employee shuttle service.  

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DPV Transportation wide range of options and sizes depending on your group size and budget. From luxury alternatives to minibusses, DPV has options to fit your needs.  

Here is your chance to transform your company and get an edge in the market with this solution. Get a free quote now and offer your employees a safe and effortless way to commute. You will not regret it! 

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Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.