Electric & Sustainable Vehicles

Electric & Sustainable Vehicles

  • Large, customizable floor plans & bus models to accommodate from 14 to 56+ passengers
  • ZERO emissions
  • 100% rechargeable
  • 100% sustainable
  • Wheelchair & mobility access via low-floor ramps and/or dedicated lifts
  • Flip or foldaway seating
  • Wheelchair lift positions & tie-downs
  • Destination signs
  • Bicycle racks
  • Fare boxes

Go green to go forward.

With a constant focus on the future of communities, companies, and the world at large—we offer several eco-friendly options across all of our professionally chauffeured services. Choose from our fleet of sustainable vehicles to move the planet with you as you move ahead.
  1. Hybrid-Electric Vehicles
  2. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Buses
  3. Biodiesel and Propane Shuttles
  4. Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Vehicles
  5. All-Electric Vans
Fewer emissions.  Brighter futures.

Fewer emissions.
Brighter futures.

We’re responsible for our environment as well as your comfort. The safety and protection of our passengers is of the utmost important to us, as is the protection of the future we share.

The aim of our collection of eco-friendly vehicles is to successfully lower the emissions released into the atmosphere, as our highly-trained chauffeurs take you to your destination.

Since fewer emissions mean a brighter future, each of our eco-friendly options fully aligns with our mission to move forward.

Move the world into the future.

DPV Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Vehicles

Lowering the sulfur in our fuel enables emissions control technologies to significantly limit the amount of emissions emitted by the vehicles. Choose ultra-low sulfur diesel to fuel efficiency while improving air quality.

DPV Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

Internal combustion engines and electric motors power these vehicles to lower tailpipe emissions, while maintaining comparable capabilities to conventional fully gas-powered vehicles.

DPV Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Buses

Our CNG buses run on the cleanest burning fuel in the transportation industry to date. Using low carbon fuel, we significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions as well as tailpipe emissions as we move you forward.

Biodiesel & Propane Shuttles

These shuttles utilize two of the purest renewable alternative fuels to minimize emissions, decrease damage to the environment, and propel our world forward, while moving employees and community members ahead.

DPV All-Electric Vans

All electric vehicles release zero emissions, making them the optimal choice for your chauffeur to drive to prioritize the environment and long-term future above all else.

Connect with us to transform your transportation.

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It’s your trip and your time—so entrust your professionals to ensure it goes how you planned it, and arrive when you planned to.

I was extremely pleased with everything- your drivers reached out and from what I could tell, handled everything perfectly! I will definitely use DPV again! Responsive, on time – all I could ask for! Thank you.

Emmy Whooley Event Manager, BNY Mellon

Change the way you move.

Change the way you move.

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