Managed Transportation Services

Efficient Ground Transportation Management. Trust DPV to manage your Massachusetts-based business or community’s transportation logistics. We provide comprehensive and tailored solutions that support all aspects of your daily operations and supply chain needs, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Managed Transportation Services Looking for managed transportation solutions? We transform ground transportation services to move corporations and communities forward. Change the way you move! Ground Transportation Services & Management

Innovative Transportation Management Systems and Technologies

Explore how DPV Transportation’s cutting-edge systems and technologies can transform your operations. We offer tailored solutions that equip you with essential insights and metrics, helping you make informed decisions and boost your operational efficiency.

  1. Experienced Professionals: Receive expert consultation from seasoned experts.
  2. Customizable Services: Adapt our services to fit your specific needs.
  3. Expert Carriers and Competitive Rates: Gain access to our network of top carriers.
  4. High Standards of Service and Training: Expect the best from all our personnel.
Expert Consulting & Support

Expert Consulting & Support

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Customization Meets Innovation

DPV’s transportation management systems feature cutting-edge, customizable technologies that provide critical insights for key transport decisions. We tailor our services to your specific needs, offering precise metrics and detailed analytics. Discover how our personalized reports and vehicle data can reveal new efficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

Expertise You Can Take Anywhere.

Leverage DPV’s network of seasoned professionals—from personal account managers to senior transportation experts—to deliver exceptional transportation experiences. Opt for our highly-trained chauffeurs or use our proven methods to recruit and train your own. You’ll benefit from our extensive network of experts and carriers, ensuring competitive rates and a high standard of service, maintained through our rigorous hiring and training processes.

Buses Will Go Anywhere
If They’re Managed Well

  1. Fuel efficiencies with DPV insights
  2. Enhance your operations with OUR technology
  3. Create seamless experiences with DPV professionals
  4. Bolster your annual savings with OUR expertise

Connect With Us to Transform Your Transportation.

For immediate assistance, please call +1 (877) 378-4445. Contact a DPV ground transportation specialist to design a personalized and innovative transportation plan tailored to your needs.

It’s your trip and your time—so entrust your professionals to ensure it goes how you planned it, and arrive when you planned to.

I am writing to express what a pleasure it has been over the past few months to do business with your transportation company. We began using DPV Transportation in November 2007 to provide transportation for our Men’s & Women’s teams here at Roxbury Community College.
The drivers for your company have always been very punctual and professionally dressed. The price is very reasonable as well. We look forward to continue this working relationship in the future. Thank you.

Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center at Roxbury Community College

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Corporate Shuttle Buses

You Can’t Accomplish Anything Until You Get Moving. Empower your business to move ahead safely with advanced technology and personalized service.
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Charter Buses

A new world demands a new way forward. Our charter bus services match innovation with professionalism and comfort to create superior, safe experiences.
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Black Car Services

Our expertise extends past comfort to accountability. We offer unparalleled flexibility and total safety to VIP passengers and executives across the globe.
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Meetings & Events

When it counts most, you need people you can depend on to deliver. DPV specializes in getting groups safely to and from conventions, conferences, and private events on-time.
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CDL On-Demand Chauffeurs

Drivers deliver pizza, Chauffeurs deliver premier experiences. The challenges that come with hiring, training, and supervising your own drivers are no longer yours to bear.
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Move Your Plans Forward Move Your People Ahead.

Move Your Plans Forward
Move Your People Ahead.