Buffalo, NY, Corporate Shuttle Services

By utilizing our transportation services, businesses can enhance their ability to recruit and retain employees in Buffalo, NY. DPV, a certified minority-owned business, offers exceptional corporate shuttle services to companies throughout the NY area, ensuring seamless connections between major employers, residential communities, and public transit hubs.

Our solutions enable employees to take charge of their time, productivity, and stress levels by reducing their reliance on single-occupancy vehicles.

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Safe, Reliable, and Stress-Free Transportation

Commutes in the state of New York can be quite stressful for employees, which is why we offer a reliable and convenient solution to make commuting to work a hassle-free experience.

Our shuttle service offers last-mile connections, providing a stress-free way for your employees to get to work. With our 24-hour dispatch center located in Yonkers, NY, we are always available to provide reliable transportation to your company.

As one of the fastest-growing regions in the state of New York, our shuttle service helps navigate this growth by:

  • Increasing access to employment and educational opportunities for individuals
  • Helping organizations increase their access to potential employees
  • Reducing the use of single-occupancy vehicles and improving traffic flow Improving air quality and reducing carbon footprint

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take control of your transportation needs in Buffalo NY.

Our Top Priority: Ensuring Safety

Over the last five years, we have consistently achieved the highest safety ratings from the DOT, and we remain committed to investing in cutting-edge automatic accident detection technology to ensure the safety of our passengers. We also provide our clients with insurance coverage of up to $20 million, ensuring their protection in the rare event of an incident.

We have implemented comprehensive COVID-19 contact tracing capabilities and strict health protocols to ensure that DPV is synonymous with safety and that you can trust us to prioritize your well-being.


Modern Fleet

We offer a diverse range of more than 150 modern vehicles in our fleet, which includes low floor buses, electric shuttle buses, charter buses, executive sedans, and executive vans. No matter what your transportation needs are, we have the right vehicle to suit your requirements.

Enhancing Our Human Capital

At DPV, we guarantee the highest safety standards by offering our chauffeurs comprehensive training and driving courses.

24/7 Service

DPV provides 24/7 service with responsive customer support, backed by our dedicated dispatch center and account managers.

Harnessing Technology

At DPV, we adopt technology to elevate our services, providing live vehicle tracking, analytical reports on passenger volumes, peak hours, and performance metrics.

Simplifying the Procurement Process

Tailored Programs

With our transportation solution, you can create tailored programs that allow you to set restrictions and spending limits based on factors like location, time, budget, and type of ride. Additionally, our platform is customizable, enabling you to modify these programs to suit the unique needs of different teams or departments.

Expense Management

Our platform offers seamless integration with your expense management provider, ensuring that your receipts are automatically forwarded and readily available for reporting purposes. By integrating our solution with your existing expense management process, you can simplify the transportation expense management process.

Reporting and Analytics

Our platform provides you with comprehensive reporting and insightful analytics on your team’s transportation usage. Stay up-to-date on key metrics and data, and quickly export this information for efficient reporting.



Certified Minority-Owned Business in NY and NJ

We take great pride in being a business owned by minorities and dedicated to delivering exceptional transportation solutions to our clients in the state of NY, all while championing diversity and inclusion. Our distinct viewpoint and background as a business owned by minorities give us a fresh approach to transportation management, making sure that all our clients benefit from superior service.

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DPV’s Shuttle Fixed-Routes in Buffalo, NY

Here are some of the most important fixed routes we service (or have serviced) between various locations in Buffalo, NY:

  1. Corporate shuttle service from Buffalo Niagara International Airport to Buffalo route
  • This shuttle service provides transportation from Buffalo Niagara International Airport to various locations in Buffalo, including corporate campuses and hotels.
  1. Employee Shuttle from Buffalo Metropolitan Transportation Center to Buffalo
  • This shuttle service is available for employees who commute to Buffalo from the Buffalo Metropolitan Transportation Center. It provides transportation to various locations in Buffalo, including corporate campuses and hotels.
  1. Shuttle service from Buffalo Exchange Street Station to Buffalo
  • This shuttle service provides transportation from Buffalo Exchange Street Station to various locations in Buffalo, including corporate campuses and hotels.
  1. Any station from the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority to company campus in Buffalo
  • The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority provides bus transportation to various locations in Buffalo, including corporate campuses. Employees can take any bus that stops at a station in Buffalo and disembark at a stop closest to their company campus.

Areas we also Serve in NY:

NYC – Rochester – Yonkers – Syracuse – Albany – New Rochelle – Mount Vernon – Schenectady –  Utica

Areas we serve in Massachussets:

BostonCambridgeNewtonLexington – Woburn – Burlington – Lynnfield – Peabody – Beberly


NY Corporate Shuttle Services
The Benefits of Choosing DPV

The Benefits of Choosing DPV

-We provide vehicles with a wheelchair lift and meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance standards.

-We maintain modern equipment with functional heating and air conditioning systems, ensuring that all vehicles are no older than 10 years.

-Our buses are in excellent condition, as we conduct daily inspections to verify that all features, including wiper blades and turn signals, are performing at their best.

Clients Moving Forward

DPV Client: FedEx
DPV Client: Pfizer
DPV Client: Boston Scientific
DPV Client: Pepsico