Employee Shuttle Services in Newton, MA

At DPV Transportation, we believe that ground transportation should empower communities and companies to move forward. For over a decade, we have been providing employee shuttle services in Newton, and all across the state of Massachusetts.

Employee shuttle services in Newton

Corporate Campus Transportation Services in Newton

Our primary goal is to meet the unique transportation needs of government agencies, corporations, hospitals, and other essential institutions in Newton, Massachusetts. That’s why we offer a range of services, including Employee Shuttle Bus Services, Managed Transportation Solutions, and CDL & Non-CDL On-Demand Chauffeurs.

What sets us apart from the competition are our differentiators. We revolutionize technology with complementary customizable mobile applications, real-time vehicle tracking, insight reports, accountability-driven trip rating capabilities, and vehicle health monitoring technology & driver behavior detection capabilities.

Choosing DPV Transportation for Your Ground Transportation Needs

We emphasize service with extensive customer service training & driving classes given to all DPV chauffeurs, 98% early arrival performance average, and a 4.8/5.0 average ride experience rating from DPV passengers. We also offer 24/7 highly responsive, fully flexible account manager support.

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At DPV Transportation, we prioritize safety above all else. We have the highest DOT safety ratings for the last 5 years, automatic accident detection technology, $20 million insurance coverage, and COVID-19 contact tracing capabilities & strict health protocols.

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We also recognize and value the community. 80%-90% of our CDL drivers are minorities, which is over 4x the national industry average. Our sustainable vehicle options include All-Electric, Hybrid-Electric, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Biodiesel/Propane, and Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel.

DPV's Customer Case Studies

We believe that our commitment to technology, service, safety, and the community make us the ideal partner for any company looking for reliable and efficient ground transportation and shuttle bus rental services. We fulfill contracts ranging from $100,000 to $10,000,000, and we are confident that we can provide the same level of excellence for your business.

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Efficient Transportation Solutions for Traveling Across Newton

At DPV Transportation, we specialize in managing the transportation and logistics of bringing employees to and from various locations within Newton, Cambridge, Boston, Lexington, Woburn, Lynnfield, and other cities in the 128 corridor. Our services include last-mile connections, daily commutes, and cross-campus transportation.

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Transportation for Employees in Newton, MA

Our services extend beyond just transporting employees to and from the workplace. We also provide transportation to points of interest in the city, such as train and bus stations, to ensure that employees have easy access to public transportation.

  1. Newtonville Station – located on Walnut Street.
  2. Newton Centre Station – located on Langley Road.
  3. Newton Highlands Station – located on Lincoln Street.
  4. Eliot Station – located on Eliot Street.
  5. Riverside Station – located on Grove Street, this station is served by the Green Line D branch of the MBTA, as well as several bus routes.
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Customize Your Employee Shuttle Program

We understand that every company’s transportation needs are unique, which is why we customize routes based on factors such as the number of routes, employee rider count, and frequency. This ensures that each company’s transportation needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Transporting Champions: DPV Transportation's Tailored Solution for Yeshiva University's Sports Teams

At DPV Transportation, we take pride in providing reliable and efficient employee shuttle services in Newton, that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual company.

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We are a Certified-Minority Owned Business in Newton

As a minority-owned company, DPV Transportation brings a unique perspective to the transportation industry. We prioritize diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business, from our workforce to our sustainability efforts. By choosing to do business with us, companies can not only support a minority-owned business, but also benefit from our innovative technologies, exceptional customer service, and commitment to safety and community.

For more information about our event transportation, contact us today.