Woburn, Massachusetts, Employee Shuttle Service

We offer transportation options that assist businesses in hiring and keeping staff. We create and manage shuttle services for companies along the Massachusetts’ route 128 West corridor, connecting them with public transit centers and residential areas.

DPV is a certified minority-owned company that takes pride in providing excellent corporate shuttle services to companies in Woburn, Massachusetts. By freeing employees from relying on their cars, they can manage their time, productivity, and stress levels.

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Our Employee Transportation Solutions in Woburn, MA.

We understand that commuting through the Route 128 West Corridor to and from Woburn can be stressful for employees. That’s why we offer a convenient and efficient solution for companies, residential complexes, and universities in Woburn, MA.

Our shuttle service provides last-mile connections, making it easy for your employees to get to work without any hassle. With our 24-hour dispatch center in Everett, we are always available to provide reliable transportation to your company.

Our shuttles help navigate the 128 corridor’s growth by:

  • Increasing access to employment and educational opportunities
  • Helping businesses increase their access to potential employees
  • Helping employers and employees save time and money while improving productivity
  • Reducing the use of single-occupancy vehicles and as a result, improving traffic flow, air quality, and reducing carbon output

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Safety, Our Number One Priority

Over the last five years, we have maintained top safety ratings from DOT, while also investing in advanced automatic accident detection technology to ensure the safety of our passengers. Our insurance coverage of up to $20 million provides added protection to our clients in the rare event of any mishap.

Our extensive COVID-19 contact tracing capabilities and rigorous health protocols assure you that DPV always prioritizes safety.


Strict Maintenance

We have a quality control schedule for each of our vehicles. Our fleet comprises over 150 modern vehicles, such as low floor buses, electric shuttle buses, charter buses, executive sedans, and executive vans, providing a diverse range of transportation options that can cater to your specific needs.

Highly Qualified & Trained Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are highly trained and qualified professionals who undergo alcohol and drug checks every three months. At DPV, we prioritize safety and ensure the highest standards by providing our chauffeurs with extensive training and driving courses.

Customer Service 24/7

DPV offers round-the-clock service with prompt customer support, supported by our committed dispatch center and account managers.


DPV Transportation, Inc. owns a fleet of late-model luxury vehicles and coaches equipped with amenities such as leather seating, premium sound, and onboard Wi-Fi. Our buses have varying passenger capacities ranging from 14 to 50 passengers.

A Certified Minority-Owned Business in MA

DPV Transportation is a certified minority-owned business that has been recognized for its quality services and commitment to diversity.

One of the advantages of working with a minority-owned business like DPV Transportation is supplier diversity. By partnering with us, you can take advantage of our diverse supplier network and tap into new markets.

Another benefit of working with a minority-owned business is cost savings. DPV Transportation can help you maximize your profit margins by taking advantage of federal and state tax incentives and implementing cost-saving strategies. Additionally, DPV Transportation’s expertise can help you reduce your expenses and increase your profitability.


DPV’s Employee Shuttle in Woburn, MA

We have provided and serviced several key fixed-route options for transportation between different locations in Woburn. These include:

  1. The corporate shuttle service from Anderson Regional Transportation Center routes, located on Atlantic Avenue and serving as a transportation hub for a variety of options, such as the MBTA commuter rail, local buses, and intercity bus services.
  2. Woburn airport Shuttle, a convenient shuttle service that operates multiple times a day, providing direct transportation between Woburn and Boston Logan International Airport.
  3. Transportation for employees from any station in Massachusetts to corporate campuses located in Woburn, which allows them to take any bus that stops at a station in Boston and disembark at the stop closest to their company campus.

Areas we also serve in Massachussets:

Boston – Cambridge – Newton – Lexington – Burlington – Lynnfield – Peabody – Beberly

Areas we Serve in NY:

NYC – Buffalo – Rochester – Yonkers – Syracuse – Albany – New Rochelle – Mount Vernon – Schenectady –  Utica

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DPV Transportation is an excellent choice for your transportation needs.
We keep our equipment in top shape by making sure that it is no more than 10 years old and that our coaches have heating and air conditioning.
So you can trust that we provide safe and reliable transportation.

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