DPV Technology

DPV Technology

Think forward. Move forward.

DPV Technology

The latest technology fuels the greatest transformations. The finest innovations make for the most seamless transportation. With comfort and efficiency at heart, DPV empowers communities and corporations to safely reach their destinations. As we continuously update our systems, vehicles, and tools, we continue to think forward and move people ahead.

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Explore the systems we infuse into our on-demand chauffeur services, corporate shuttle bus services, and managed transportation solutions, to create optimal safe experiences.
Customized Tracking App

Customized Tracking App

Combining our GPS locating system with traffic monitoring, DPV Transportation designs exclusive mobile applications with realtime tracking capabilities for each group we serve. Your branded shuttle bus app will be unique to you.

Enterprise Monitoring Systems

Enterprise Monitoring Systems

Each shuttle bus is equipped with monitoring systems to track driving behaviors, run times, and vehicle performance. These systems prepare us for any emergency, constantly updating us about maintenance needs, driving patterns, and operational onboard systems.

Advanced Communication Systems

Advanced Communication Systems

All our vehicles have onboard tablets, two-way radios, and cell phones to keep our team connected to dispatch at all times. In-vehicle mobile data terminals enable real-time messaging from passengers to our dispatch at all times. These systems infuse additional transparency and efficiency into our employee transportation services.

Accountability Systems

Accountability Systems

Our drivecam cameras, enhanced supervision, real-time feedback, and easily accessible surveys drive our accountability. Each of our vehicles is equipped with multiple cameras for security recording. All of our clients receive ongoing, personal, and direct supervision by dependable account representatives, and passengers can provide feedback through our advanced technology in real-time.

Analytics Reporting

Analytics Reporting

Our advanced corporate shuttle service tools, such as our automatic ridership counting technology enable us to provide you with accurate real-time ridership information and analytics so that we can help you determine the best times, routes, types of vehicles, and number of vehicles that you need to maximize your return on investment.

  1. Efficient and Cost-Effective Planning of Routes with Multiple Stops
  2. Parking Plans
  3. Efficiency Metrics
  4. Ridership Analysis
  5. Passenger Satisfaction Surveys
  6. Mileage Tracking
Passenger Identification

Passenger Identification

We utilize technology to tailor our passenger identification to your existing ID cards, limiting boarding access to authorized users, and empowering you to see who rides your employee shuttle service.

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The transformation of Black Car
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Explore the technology that DPV has collected to offer you the greatest white glove car service experiences and more. From charter bus experiences to essential trips to events and meetings, we move transportation into tomorrow. Click on each feature to learn more!
GDS Connectivity**

GDS Connectivity

DPV is part of the Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan Ground Transportation Network which allows anyone connected to a GDS (Global Distribution System) to book reservations with it directly. This provides a convenient way for travel coordinators to arrange and send confirmations electronically to DPV. We are integrated with Deem, a major GDS provider, and are able to receive reservation requests from major corporate booking tools map.

GPS Enterprise System*

GPS Enterprise System

  • GPS-Based System (GPS: The Global Positioning System)
  • Real-time Vehicle Location
  • Real-time Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Route Tracking
  • Vehicle Alert Notifications


  • Camera system inside the vehicles to record any sudden vehicle movements
  • Protects against false statements by others
  • Supports driver’s desire for performance progress by helping identify areas for improvement
  • Supports RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) demand for 100% safe driving by our staff by helping us recognize risky driving behaviors before they get restless or out of control


  • Chauffeurs are equipped with Nextel phones and iPods/Tablets to receive Phone Calls, Direct Connect and Email Messages
  • Direct Communication with all the Drivers through Direct Connect, Phones Calls, Emails and Text Messaging
  • WiFi vehicles for client online access
Traffic Land*

Traffic Land

  • This is the same system used by the Department of Homeland Security
  • Real-time Watch at traffic patterns in the surrounding areas
  • Our Dispatch Department directly keeps an eye at the traffic cameras
DPV New ‘Driver Anywhere’ App**

DPV New ‘Driver Anywhere’ App

‘Driver Anywhere’ is the most complete driver communication tool available in the industry today. It allows chauffeurs and affiliates to seamlessly manage our reservations and communicate with dispatch without having to make a single phone call.

‘Driver Anywhere’ is now available as a native app on iPhone/iPad, Android, and BlackBerry Platforms.

‘Driver Anywhere’ has been developed as a native integration with our reservation system ‘Limo Anywhere’. That means ‘Driver Anywhere’ is designed and built specifically for the ‘Limo Anywhere’ administration system from the ground up. Unlike other apps, we did not use a generic pre-built solution and adjust it to fit ‘Limo Anywhere’. The ‘Driver Anywhere’ app is a tightly integrated and flexible solution which operates on a number of platforms and devices.

With ‘Driver Anywhere’ our drivers/affiliates will be able to manage the entire reservation workflow (Pre-Ride, In-Ride and Post Ride) with just a few screen taps.

  • Pre-Ride
    • View, accept or reject trips
    • View route maps from current location to pick-up, or from pick-up to drop-off locations
    • Accept “on-demand” jobs from participating partners
  • In-Ride
    • Update Trip Status
    • Log Trip Times
    • Track Flights
    • View Driving Instructions
    • Start and Stop Waiting Time
    • Add and Remove Extra Stops
Greeter iPad App & Chauffeur iPad App+

Greeter iPad App and Chauffeur iPad App

DPV is always on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Our chauffeurs can go paperless with the chauffeur iPad application to receive their trip information; automatically communicate with Dispatch with a press of a button; plan their routes with integrated Google Map; utilize GPS navigation feature; provide bright and clear signage; and complete their paper work electronically. Each of our airport greeter staff is assigned an iPad that allows them to use the greeter iPad application to receive real time reservation booking information and display bright and clear signs to greet ours clients. Our meeting and event representatives can utilize the greeter iPad application to organize group manifests as well as provide on demand signage for the specific events or groups.

Limo Anywhere Software**

Limo Anywhere Software

  • Leading industry transportation software to track, manage and account for each vehicle route as it pertains to drivers, vehicles, billing and documentation.
  • Online Ordering
  • Vehicle Management
  • Driver Availability
  • Flight Tracking
  • Robust Customer Database
  • Detailed Dispatching
*All services
**Black Car only
+Worldwide Airport Transfer services
Change the way you move.

Change the way you move.