4 Easy Steps to Booking Car Service

June 20, 2017

How to Book Boston Car Service

As business travel continues to thrive, corporate car services have become progressively popular. When it’s time to plan executive travel in a dynamic and busy city like Boston, you must take necessary steps to ensure the business trip runs smoothly. At the forefront of these plans is booking a corporate car service. Finding efficient and reliable transportation in Boston can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! With these four steps, your travel arrangements can go on without any complication:

1. Develop a relationship with a professional car service company

When choosing ground transportation, your priority should be developing a relationship with a service that meets your needs. The selected vendor can make or break the success of a business trip. The company should have an experienced team to accommodate required obligations and be accessible whenever you are ready to book a corporate car service.

You should never have to solve issues that arise, suggest what routes to take or speak to a third party answering service after business hours. Once a partnership is developed, the company must be able to provide value to you each and every time.

2. Understand and know peak times for travel and car service

Sometimes business travel comes up in a moment’s notice, but be aware of peak times during the week and throughout the year for your car service provider. Monday mornings are common for business travelers to arrive, and Fridays are routine for travelers returning home. The spring and fall months are usually inundated with out-of-town client meetings, while the weekends during the spring and summer months are busy with high volume related to prom and wedding rentals.

If business travel is planned during the week of Valentine’s Day, it would be wise to schedule a corporate car service a few weeks in advance.

3. Provide sufficient notice when possible

As in business, extending a fair amount of consideration allows all parties to make necessary arrangements in order to meet expectations. If possible, contact the vendor as far ahead as possible, so they can organize logistics on their end. It may be burdensome to demand service with only a few hours notice, but if you have followed step one above, your preferred car service vendor should be able to entertain you arrangements.

By routinely providing adequate notice, an executive car service will appreciate you as a regular client and give you and your executive business travelers the best treatment you deserve each and every time.

4. Be clear about your needs

Even the best corporate car services in Boston can’t predict what you need for each reservation, so if you have special clients, meetings or events that require unique accommodations, be sure you state them clearly to the company. Some executives may prefer to take longer routes before meetings, so they can regroup after a flight or prepare during the ride. Maybe you need a stretch limo to impress an important client, a large party that requires multiple vehicles or an international client that requires the driver to speak their dialect.

Whatever the case may be, be specific when you make arrangements, so transportation can be provided to your travelers without a hitch.

Business travelers and executives have other important matters to direct their attention and focus, so it’s crucial for them to be transported without any worry or delay. Similar to pitching business proposals, you don’t want to leave any loose ends or room for failure. Once you find a corporate car service that fits your company and travel needs, planning a business trip in Boston will come easily and smoothly.

To request a free quote from Boston’s premier executive car service, DPV Transportation, please click the button below. Our corporate travel experts are ready to help you with anything you need!

Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.

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