4 Things to Look for in a Financial Roadshow Transportation Vendor

June 20, 2017

Finding the Right Corporate Transportation Service in Boston

Corporate roadshows are necessary for executives to secure funding for their businesses, especially prior to an IPO. Our last blog tackled some tips for pulling off a successful financial roadshow, but only dealt with the transportation aspect broadly. Because roadshow transportation in Boston and around the world is a crucial element in a successful roadshow, we’re dedicating this blog to helping executives find the right transportation service.

Here are 4 things to look for in a financial roadshow transportation vendor.


Many variables are at play during a financial roadshow and changes in plans may occur. Maybe there are flight delays, traffic jams, or meeting rescheduling. A great corporate transportation service will be aware of changes and flex around the travelers’ schedule. This means tracking flights, being aware of traffic patterns, and paying attention to the real-time needs and demands of passengers.

The ultimate goal of a roadshow is to deliver a successful presentation to investors; the ultimate goal of a roadshow transportation service is to successfully deliver passengers to their destinations, and if something changes — a venue is moved, an event is postponed or rescheduled — the transportation service must be able to think on its feet and adapt.


Not all corporate transportation services possess the same specialities. Working with a corporate car service that has experience doing corporate roadshow transportation makes a huge difference in the executive travelers’ trip.

Roadshow transportation requires meticulous planning and professional execution. For a successful roadshow, executives must hire a service that has the right vehicles for corporate group transportation, a team of specialists to plan the trip, and chauffeurs who drive safely and are punctual.

Being late to a presentation can seriously injure a company’s chances of wooing investors, and being a no-show means absolute death. No executive likes to think of such negative situations, but hiring an inexperienced car service for your roadshow poses a greater risk of them happening.


What separates a first-class executive transportation company from an average one is its level of professionalism. Vehicles must be well-maintained, detailed and cleaned; chauffeurs must not only appear professional in their attire, but also project it in their manners.

A great corporate transportation service will hire and train chauffeurs to meet high standards. Because of the type of clientele they serve, executive chauffeurs behave professionally, anticipate the needs of their passengers, arrive early, handle any luggage, have umbrellas ready on rainy days, and transport passengers to their destination safely and punctually.

Clear Communication

Roadshows run best when executive passengers and the transportation vendor are on the same page. Keeping all involved up to speed with the plans is key to a smooth transportation experience. When there’s a miscommunication about plans between the car service and clients, passengers can end up looking for their vehicle at the wrong place, miss meetings and end up stressed out.

Clear communication is the oil that helps keep the machine running smoothly. This involves easy, secure booking; clear invoices and billing procedures; excellent customer service at all times; and pre-trip confirmations.

During your search for a financial roadshow transportation service in Boston, make sure you find one that’s experienced, flexible, professional and customer-service oriented.

At the end of the day, executives hire transportation professionals to handle their roadshow transportation so they can focus on what’s important — delivering successful investor presentations. When the transportation service doesn’t specialize in roadshows, the experience can turn into a headache at best and nightmare at worst.

Remove the Headaches of Corporate Roadshow Transportation

To remove the headaches and hassles of financial roadshow transportation, DPV Worldwide Transportation has created a dedicated Roadshow Desk to make the experience easier for executive travelers visiting Boston. This team of professional roadshow specialists provides the flexibility to keep up with demanding schedules and frequent itinerary adjustments. From the logistics planners to the chauffeurs, everyone on DPV’s Roadshow Desk team is specially trained to accommodate all roadshow passenger needs.

The evening before your roadshow, we will provide you with the name and cell phone number of your chauffeur for all the cities you’re traveling in the next day. This information will be e-mailed or faxed, and we provide easy, customized billing to make your accounting simple.

Get in touch with our Roadshow desk by emailing us at, or please click the button below to request a free quote.

Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.

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