4 Things To Remember When Booking Corporate Bus Transportation

June 20, 2017

If you’re looking to book bus travel for a large group of professionals, here are some key things to keep in mind to help ensure everything goes smoothly.

1. Inquire About Bus Quality

For corporate travelers, interior comfort and electronic device usage are their top two primary concerns. When they’re looking for a corporate bus for transportation, they’re looking for a five-star level bus with ambient LED lighting, leather seats, and portable electronic device ports. Many times these trips can be for long durations on the highway, so if you’re booking the trip, you’ll want to make sure your clients are traveling on the best vehicles on the road.

DPV Transportation Worldwide houses the best executive mini-shuttles and buses on the market, that all come with premium leather seating and provide plenty of leg room to clients. They also come equipped with pull down shades, WiFi capability, power ports for mobile devices (including laptops), and personal entertainment screens spread throughout the cabin.

2. Pre-Schedule Travel and Get Familiar With Manifest Software

For larger groups of 500 – 1,000 people, it’s critically important to record every detail of the travel schedule correctly so that service breakdowns do not occur. When there are multiple trips happening during the day, there is little time to improvise and cover for missed pickups and drop-offs. DPV Transportation uses an advanced group travel manifest software to keep track of every aspect of the trip, so nothing is overlooked. All guests are accounted for and placed on the appropriate bus to take them to their desired destination, and DPV Transportation buses always arrive on-time and with a professionally-dressed chauffeur as a guide.

DPV Transportation can also provide on-site travel managers and professional greeters to help facilitate last-minute travel requests during conferences, and the staff at DPV Transportation is experienced in event management procedures.

3. Don’t Overlook Chauffeur Staff

Chauffeurs who drive large buses for business travelers should be carefully screened and highly trained to guarantee safety on the road. They should also be knowledgeable of each vehicle and its maintenance needs, and be able to entertain questions about the local area if asked. All chauffeurs at DPV Transportation have undergone a rigorous screening process and completed two weeks of in-house training before entering rotation, and each chauffeurs’ certifications and commercial licenses are up-to-date. The chauffeur staff is trained to have a friendly and professional demeanor and can assist with any luggage.

4. Research “Duty of Care”

“Duty of Care” is a term used to describe a legal obligation to provide safe and secure service. In bus transportation, it’s the transportation providers’ legally mandated responsibility to provide customers with the safest travel possible, and it’s proven through the documenting of multiple insurance policies and safety protocols a company has. DPV Transportation provides records of holding the best commercial insurance policies that cover passengers in the event of any accidents, and they routinely drug-test chauffeurs. DPV Transportation carries the highest level of “Duty of Care” in the ground transportation industry, and can be a trusted provider for large group transportation needs. The team at DPV Transportation is experienced with servicing Fortune 500 companies and performing to the strictest standards possible. Every protocol is accounted for and the service level is beyond compare.

Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.

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