5 Benefits of Professional Boston Roadshow Car Service

June 20, 2017

Why You Should Hire a Car Service for Roadshows

Boston is a big, busy town, and if you’re not from here, it’s easy to get lost.

Just take a look at this satellite shot of the city’s streets:

So when you visit Boston for a financial roadshow, how do you avoid being late for investor presentations and media meetings? How do you avoid missing meetings altogether?

Unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg, who was a no-show in Boston during Facebook’s pre-IPO roadshow, missing investor meetings will murder your chances of getting funding. And Zuck caught flack from media and investors for skipping Boston.

We believe traveling executives and entrepreneurs shouldn’t waste their energy worrying about getting to appointments on time. Roadshow teams need to stay sharp and focused on their presentations.

That’s why DPV Transportation Worldwide created a dedicated roadshow unit (professionals need help too!).

So if you’re debating between public transportation, taxi cabs, rental cars, and corporate car service, here are 5 reasons why the latter stands out as the best investment:

1. Reliable Ride

Meeting with investors or giving presentations to industry media are very important appointments that should not be missed if you want your roadshow to be successful. Whether you’re a startup looking for crucial funding or an established company preparing for an IPO, the future of your business depends on a successful roadshow.

The fastest way to destroy your chances is by missing these meetings. Even showing up late can do damage.

When you choose to use public transit or drive yourself, you risk traffic delays and getting lost. Trying to hail a cab during competitive times in busy parts of the city can also eat into your time and throw you off schedule.

And although Uber is a popular transit option in Boston, you never know what vehicle you’ll be getting, how experienced the driver is, and how much it will cost (Uber charges after the trip, like taxis, AND they can blow up your budget with “surge pricing”).

A Boston-based corporate car service, however, will provide a reliable ride to all of your meetings. Chauffeurs know the city like the backs of their hands and can account for common traffic patterns as well as adapt to traffic jams, construction delays and road closures to make sure you’re still on schedule.

Because corporate car service is booked up front, you can count on your ride being available at the predetermined time, keeping your roadshow on track.

2. Create more productive time

Being a passenger instead of driver also frees up time for you to use productively. You can check on things back at the office, work on projects, or refine your presentation.

If you’re traveling with a group of people, only a corporate car service can provide the right vehicles and logistics to accommodate your entire team.

The last thing you need is a key executive hopping in a taxi that gets lost while the others make it to their destination, or even worse, having multiple groups of executives get lost or delayed because you didn’t use an executive transportation service that specializes in Boston roadshows.

3. Have a personal concierge that knows Boston

Another benefit of chauffeured car service, especially in Boston, is that you have a personal concierge at your service.

In addition to being professional drivers, DPV Transportation’s chauffeurs are also customer service specialists and can help you plan other elements of your roadshow, including finding the best places dine, drink and find entertainment around Boston.

4. Have confidential calls on the road

Another advantage executive car service has over taxis, public transportation and rental cars is a confidential environment in which to discuss sensitive business matters.

Whether you need to get on a call with a partner to discuss an acquisition, with a potential investor to discuss financing, or a competitor to talk about a merger, you can trust your private plans to be safe.

Chauffeurs exhibit a level of professionalism that beats anything even the most experienced taxi drivers offer.

When you rent a car and drive, you can’t really talk on the phone, nor should you try; when you take public transportation, you never know who’s riding next to you and what they may overhear — social media has pretty much turned everybody into journalists ready to break the news. Car service eliminates these risks.

5. Have a stress-free zone

One of the most important benefits of a corporate roadshow transportation service, especially in the fast-paced city of Boston, is that it provides passengers with a stress-free zone.

If you feel like closing your eyes and letting your busy brain take a break, you can.

Want to listen to soothing music to relax you before your next meeting? Go ahead.

But when you take public transit, rent a car or hire a taxi, say goodbye to unwinding; these transportation options have the potential to actually add stress to your trip. And you definitely don’t need more stress during a roadshow.

DPV Transportation Worldwide specializes in financial roadshows in the Boston area, but can also provide executive transportation around the world, wherever your business takes you.

Get started with a free consultation and quote from our dedicated roadshow unit, who will plan and execute your transportation with the precision of a Mach 3 blade.

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Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.