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June 20, 2017

Investment road shows are a vital step for growing companies, and it’s crucial for each presentation to go off without a hitch. But there are many logistical challenges you have to plan ahead for: Here are some tips to make sure your road show is a success.

Professional investment road shows are planned well in advance. They will sometimes include private plane travel and/or helicopter for quickness, and they employ seasoned ground transportation specialists to handle the teams moving to each meeting.

If you’re planning a road show, here are some things to remember:

Work within a pre-planned budget, and take into account unforeseen expenses.

Total expenses for road shows can easily get into six figures. It really all depends on where you’re going and how many meetings you’ll be attending. But the most important first step is to list all of the investor meetings you’re going to hit, record their locations, and then work back from there on how much you’ll want to spend on each leg of the trip.

Plan to book hotels located near meeting areas and/or airports if possible, and don’t skimp on accommodations.

Sometimes the best selection for a hotel is the upscale, modern brand located downtown conveniently near financial headquarters. Other times it might be best to book rooms at adjoining conference center hotels where teams will be presenting in front of a large audience. In either case, a road show is an opportunity to shine, and it might make more sense to spring for a hotel with nicer amenities if it results in better team performance.

Finalize the number of people you are bringing and chart out how teams will be broken down for transportation.

The size of the groups you are moving for road shows needs to be locked down as early as possible. If you’re moving two or three groups at a time, you need to communicate with your transportation provider early on so they can have the proper vehicles. You don’t want to have an extra person hopping on mid-trip when your requested SUV is already at capacity.

Organize trip destinations in a practical way, and leave time between meetings for unexpected delays.

When you plot out where the meetings will take place, make sure to schedule them so you can hit each destination along a logical route that minimizes miles. Don’t backtrack across cities during rush hour if you can avoid it, and schedule the meetings with a little bit of cushion time to prepare for any traffic jams.

Plan for snacks and team nourishment/hydration for the long day of travel and meetings.

One factor often overlooked when planning road shows is catering. The executives need to be on top of their game for these meetings, and they won’t have time to eat in front of investors. Provide healthy snacks in the vehicles and in the hotels so that team members are energized before going in front of corporate investors.

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Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.

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