The Tech Tools Every Corporate Travel Manager Needs

June 20, 2017

When managing your corporate travel affairs, it’s essential for you to stay on top of everything that goes on with daily activities and where all of your employees are going. In order to do this, there is specific tech you can utilized to help manage corporate travel. This way, fewer miscommunication problems arise and you can give your employees all the assistance they need while on the road.

Travel Apps

With mobile smart phones and tablets, it is possible to maintain just about anything on your portable device. Travel applications give you this capability and are extremely helpful in locating content and staying on top of what you need to know. Travel applications vary drastically, depending on what you are looking for and what sort of service you desire. Some travel applications simply showcase when your flight is, your hotel booking and who you rented a car with. Other applications are able to store and share important dining information, including what restaurants cater to vegetarians, vegans and other people with specific allergies. Best of all, travel applications are often extremely inexpensive or even free, so taking advantage of these options is essential.

Mobile Broadband HotSpot

In today’s super connected, hyper-speed business world, it’s vital to have access to the Internet at all times. However, you may not always know where a wireless Internet connection is or you may be in an area of poor connectivity, especially when you travel. There are Wi-Fi finders and apps that provide this sort of information, but only a handful of these are actually free. You don’t want to bounce around from store front to store front, just to find an available Wi-Fi service. Instead, have a mobile broadband hot spot creator with you at all times. You can obtain one of these from your mobile service provider and it turns any sort of strong mobile phone reception into an Internet connection. This way, no matter where you are, as long as there is clear reception you also have a strong Internet connection. The 4G Internet speeds you receive from these devices is often faster than what you have access to in your hotel room, so you might even decide to use the broadband hot spot wherever you go, regardless of if there is an Internet connection present or not.

USB Power Adapter

It might sound like a small item, but it is incredibly important to have a few of these on hand. You can charge just about anything now off of a USB connection, and chances are, someone is going to eventually forget to bring their cell phone charger. Thankfully, with this device, you do not need to worry about that any longer, as you just pop it into any power outlet and now people can charge anything from their phones and tablets to cameras and any other device smaller than a laptop. While you can’t do much for people who do not bring their laptop charger, everything else is taken care of with this device.

Pocket Projector

You want to be ready for everything when on the road, so if your travelers are making a presentation, you don’t want them to simply rely on what the other company and individuals have. They might not have the need for a projector in their office, yet if your travelers’ presentation relies on it, they need to bring your own. While it is not possible to toss in a large, oversized projector, there are pocket projectors that are small and can fit anywhere, ensuring they can still give their important pitch.

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Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.

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