When Should You Hire A Travel Management Company (TMC) To Manage Employee Travel?

June 20, 2017

As a company grows in size and its employees begin to travel more frequently and on shorter-notice, it makes sense to upgrade to a TMC in order to increase efficiency and maintain costs.

One of the first things a company looks for as it goes through early growth stages are new ways for it to consolidate costs and save money on expenses. Many times this can be achieved by merging production sectors, or finding new vendors to lower fixed costs, and the transportation vertical is often an early target for growing companies to nail down to a tight budget.

As a company hires more employees that begin to travel more frequently, booking travel themselves possibly in other states or even countries, the management of their movements can become a headache to keep track of. There are the hotel costs, the ground transportation receipts, and the flights, and to have everyone send in individual expense reports is just not practical beyond a certain point.

By going with a Travel Management Company (TMC), all of these needs can be met and consolidated through online booking portals that can be universal for any employee, anywhere. Companies that are looking at the initial cost of hiring a TMC have to understand that a long-term plan will lower overall travel costs over time, and also help eliminate any headaches that can go along with safety and liability.

All of the vendors — including airlines, hotels, and ground transportation companies — that TMCs work with are fully vetted companies that provide stellar, top-quality service to their respective markets. The billing, booking, and searching of availability can all be managed by the TMC, and companies that are growing can have peace of mind knowing their transportation is managed well so they can focus on other things.

A TMC can heighten the employee experience by providing five-star level service for transportation needs from door to door. So if the transportation management of your employees has become a little too fast and widespread, and you feel like you could use some help getting it all under control, then it might be time to hire a TMC to help you keep your travel budgets on track.

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Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.

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