5 Standout Jet Models For Private Plane Travel

June 20, 2017

Private planes vary in design from smaller commuter shuttles to elegant trans-Atlantic personal penthouses. Here’s a quick look at some exemplary models featuring new designs, some standard originals, and even one that’s yet to be released.

1. The Gulfstream G650

When it comes to range, fuel efficiency, power, and luxury, it gets no better than the Gulfstream G650. The jet has become an industry leader, with a sleek design that makes it a standout silhouette on the horizon. The luxury comes with a price though, and each plane goes for about $65 million, but the cabins are spacious enough to hold up to 18 and they do not lack in high-tech comforts. The G650 has a cruising speed of 551 mph, and has been the private plane for elite athletes, entertainers, and business professionals around the world.

2. The Bombardier Global 600

The Bombardier Global 600 sets the standard for extra long flights. It was one of the preferred models for Microsoft’s Bill Gates as he traversed the globe managing the early growth of his company, and it’s built upon a reputation as a reliable jet aircraft that provides ample luxury accommodations. The Bombardier Global 600 is used by many business people in Europe and Asia who fly long distances frequently.

3. Pilatus PC-24

Though still in production, flight fans are excited about the potential for this upcoming aircraft. Based on the success of its prop-driven predecessor, the PC-12, Pilatus’s PC-24 jet variant will retain the PC-12’s short-runway take-off ability, which was a favorite among customers, but also add more opulence. Manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft in Switzerland, the PC-24 is projected to have a luxury interior similar to long-range jets, but with the performance and handling of a smaller plane. As remote locations become more frequently visited by business travelers, look for this plane to become a big hit once it hits the market.

4. Beechcraft King Air

The Beechcraft King Air is the workhorse of the private plane skies. Though not technically a jet, the turbo-prop twin engines can compete and deliver powerful flight performance over long-range sojourns. The first early models came out in the 60s, and the company has ever since been refining its skills and continues to deliver top aircraft to this day. The Beechcraft King Air has a capacity payload of 6-8 people, and is usually priced in the $5-$10 million range.

5. The Residence on Etihad’s A380

Though technically not a private jet model, the Residence is Etihad Airlines’ 125 sq.-ft., personal three-bedroom “apartment,” separated from the rest of the passengers and located in the front upper deck of a super jumbo jet. Booking The Residence costs over $20,000 for a single one-way trip, and flights are typically over 14 hours long. The cabin includes separate sleeping quarters, bathrooms with showers, and lounge area, and furnishings are all five-star quality.

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Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.

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