Common Mistakes Corporate Travel Managers Should Avoid

June 20, 2017

If you are planning ground transportation for your employees, make sure to plan as far in advance as possible in order to avoid common mistakes.

Typically, transportation planning is done through the help of an outside vendor or contracted partner. However, placing blind trust in these third parties is not always wise. To avoid the following common mistakes, be sure to ask questions and do your research.

The Wrong Reservation Information

The most common mistake, and the one that is easiest to avoid, is getting the booking information wrong. Make sure to go over the relevant trip times, locations and routing so that when it comes to your dates of travel, everything goes smoothly. One error here can dismantle the entire trip, and result in huge costs to your business.

Simply make sure that you place a phone call, or send an email, in order to double check all of the pertinent information, and then make sure that you get confirmation from the third party that everything is in order.

Vehicle Problems

Anytime that you work with ground transportation, vehicle malfunctions can be a real problem. Things happen. Tires go flat, engines break down, etc. However, if you work with a vendor who is meticulous with vehicle maintenance and repair, these things should not happen; or, if they do, the company will know how to handle any problems quickly.

Look for a company with a proven track record of well-maintained vehicles and a slew of excellent reviews. If at all possible, you may want to inspect any vehicles that your employees or your clients will be transported in, to make sure that they are cleaned and well-maintained.


Of course, one of the most important details is arriving on time. Make sure to factor traffic and weather into your plans as well as potential road work or construction.

Make sure your transportation vendor has checked out road conditions as well as any bad weather predictions for your date of arrival (or your client’s date of arrival). Make sure to discuss any specific arrival details or concerns before the big day.

Customer Service Problems

Finally, make sure to only deal with outside vendors that offer you great customer service. While checking out transportation details is crucial, you also want to make sure that your outside party will provide your clients, and your employees with excellent customer service during the trip.

It is always important to work with a company that not only does a great job with the fundamentals, but also exceeds your expectations on the customer service front. Both your employees and your clients will appreciate service with a smile, and service with genuine concern for their well-being.

Go over all of these with any vendor your are considering before you sign on the dotted line.

DPV Transportation understands all of these issues intimately and strives to deliver excellence in all areas. If you’re a corporate travel planner in Boston or any major city around the world and would like a professional team of travel experts to help you out, contact us for a free quote.

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Empower your people to move forward.