How Global Transportation Networks Help Keep Employees Safe During Travel

June 21, 2017

As companies send more employees overseas for business travel, security has become a main concern for CEOs. Here’s how using a global transportation network can help keep travelers safe during an emergency.

The world has changed, and with it so has business travel. People are using technology to establish connections across continents and create new business opportunities that can now span to the farthest corners of the globe. But with this new connectivity comes an actual increase in demand for business travel, because as we’re finding out, old-fashioned “face-to-face” meetings are still an important factor for commodity exchange.

With this greater connection comes a new and improved capacity to manage the individual well-being and safety of passengers. DPV Transportation Worldwide is a specialist in business travel management, and has a deep network of providers around the globe to offer full travel services, including large group travel, in major cities around the world.

Technology enables providers like us to network with each other across the globe, so travelers can make seamless bookings without having to research for the best providers in whatever geographic location they’re going to. Here’s how this can help in times of an emergency.

1. Technology platforms enable business travelers to give real-time feedback on their travel status, so transportation managers can always coordinate with nearby providers in case of an emergency. Detailed itineraries that include each travelers personal emergency contact info, any known medical conditions, addresses of lodging locations, details of the transportation vendors, and more, enable travel management companies to respond immediately and locate any individuals who may be at-risk in the field.

2. By increasing communication amongst many different travel providers, a global transportation network can enable travel managers to come up with creative, on-the-spot plans to handle emergency situations that could include everything from evacuations to finding temporary lodgings in nearby safe areas and more.

3. “Duty of Care” is a standard that all professional transportation providers who specialize in corporate travel adhere to, and by using a provider with a global network of top-quality travel vendors, you can be certain that all possible risks during travel are taken into account before the trip ever starts.

DPV Transportation Worldwide is a specialist in ground transportation management for business travelers and large group events. We have experience and expertise and can connect with a vast network of providers to accommodate any transportation need no matter where it is in the world. No matter whether the job is for large or small, DPV Transportation can provide quick and professional service with top quality vehicles and customer service to get the job done.

Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.