How To Hire A Ground Transportation Provider For Business Travel

June 20, 2017

Moving executives for business travel requires top-level limo companies that can handle a variety of requests for vehicles and group sizes. Here are four quick service quality checklist items to go over before hiring a ground transportation vendor.

1. Establish a clear-cut, tech-savvy solution for booking rides and keeping records of trip prices. The best transportation management companies make it easier for their clients to make quick and simple travel plans. For example, if they need to send a group of employees last-minute to speak at a conference or convention, they need to be able to move quickly. Look for limo companies that provide an integrated online booking system that can allow employees to book their own travel on the company account, while working within a pre-designated travel management outline.

2. Vet out the history of each limo company, making sure they have an adequate supply, and diverse enough collection of vehicles to meet your needs. If you frequently have to send groups of five or more to the airport, you want to make sure they’ll have enough space. Sprinter shuttles and larger buses that are in excellent quality are harder to come by in certain markets, so ask about previous clients and for pictures of the vehicles.

3. Make sure all vehicles are commercially insured and that the operator follows correct “Duty of Care” policies. Business travel requires a higher level of liability coverage than traditional retail travel, and the quality of service from the limo operator should reflect this. Established limo companies all adhere to strict “Duty of Care” responsibilities in the way they conduct their businesses, to ensure that accountability and safety are top concerns for every trip. In the event that something goes wrong, fully thought-out and agreed-upon backup plans and security measures should be put into place and acted upon immediately.

4. Look for long-term budget forecasting and ideas on cost-savings. Business travel can take up a significant amount of the budget, and companies are looking closely at the vertical to find any way to save on spending. The best limo companies will be aware of this and have a long-term plan for how they can help manage ground transportation to maximize ROI. This can be through reward programs and various deals with other travel vendors like hotels, restaurants, and lodging. By helping work within long-term travel plans, clients will be able to expand their business reach and continue successful growth.

DPV Transportation Worldwide is a leading provider in corporate ground transportation and delivers top-quality luxury vehicle service in over 500 cities around the globe. The company is a strong proponent for “Duty of Care” and carries full licensing and commercial insurance coverage in each of its markets. DPV Transportation specializes in group transport, road show, and conference travel management

Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.

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