Major Business Travel Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

June 20, 2017

Avoid These Travel Pitfalls

It’s a new year and that means new opportunities waiting around the corner. Business travel is an essential ingredient in the growth and success of a business, but too often corporate travelers make mistakes that cause them to have a not-so-smooth trip. This post will highlight these pitfalls and suggest ways to avoid them.

Booking a Nightmare Hotel Room

Picture this: you’ve just arrived and are exhausted from a long flight. You’re ready to hit the sheets so you can get enough rest to be energized for the following day’s busy schedule. But when you enter your hotel room, an odd odor greets you, the sheets have glaring, grungy stains, and there’s bugs in the bathroom. On top of that, the intermittent rattle and bang of a malfunctioning soda machine reverberates on the other side of the thin wall behind your bed.

This disaster can certainly ruin your trip. Not only have you just endured a long trip, and have a busy schedule ahead of you, you’re now unable to sleep comfortably and uninterruptedly thanks to the unfortunate state of the room to which you’ve been assigned.

In order to avoid this, make sure you or the person in charge of booking your room really spends the time to conduct proper and thorough research: read reviews online, request references from colleagues, visit the hotel’s website and social networks, and make sure to compare several options. This is difficult to do if you book last-minute, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to weigh the choices.

Driving Yourself in a New City

While it’s common for travelers to rent cars for transportation, it’s not always the most cost-effective or smartest decision. For one, rental car rates can be expensive after you add up all the fees and taxes. Not only that, but it’s now up to you to navigate the streets of a new city, which can cause fits of migraine assaults at worst and cost you crucial time at best — taking a wrong turn or looking for parking can eat up precious minutes.

So before renting a car, consider your other options.

Taking a Taxi

Before taking a taxi, carefully think about what it entails. First of all, if you’re in a busy city, such as Boston or New York, it can take a while before you find an available taxi, especially if you’re traveling during the busy season; you’ve got to compete with all the other travelers, business and leisure alike, and that doesn’t happen without stress.

Second, you’ll never be able to accurately project the experience you’ll have until you’re already in the taxi and on your way. You won’t know if the vehicle is clean or not (chances are it’s not) or if the driver will operate the vehicle smoothly and safely. You won’t even know the final cost of the trip until after you reach your destination, and since all cab fares are calculated by time and distance, you’re always at risk of the driver taking a longer route just to raise the rate (you’ll only know the shortest route if you’re familiar with the city).

So, with all the risks, hassles and costs of rental cars and taxis, what’s a business traveler to do?

The Answer: Corporate Car Service

Make the right moves in 2014 and book a corporate car service, such as DPV Transportation, to handle your business travel ground transportation. Our travel specialists will make your entire business travel experience easier and less stressful, helping you choose the right vehicle, plan your itinerary, and assigning a professional, expert chauffeur to cater to your needs.

When you book with DPV Transportation, you can expect a clean, comfortable, luxurious, and punctual ride each and every time. Request your free quote today by clicking the button below.

Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.