How To Pick Up VIP Passengers From A Private Jet For Car Transport

June 21, 2017

The successful pickup of private plane passengers for car travel requires a ground travel team that is 1) – flexible, to handle any last-minute changes in plans, and 2) – professional, to exude extreme competency while servicing VIP-elite-level clients.

Time is something money can’t buy, but as more and more business travelers turn to private plane travel to hasten commutes, more VIP high-profile clients are widening their travel budgets to secure quick, professional travel companies to create an ultra-fast, ultra-luxurious travel experience.

Whether it’s for the private guest making a personal trip, or a business executive taking a weekly commute during a big merger negotiation, these travelers want to get where they want to go right away, and they don’t want to be hassled during the process.

As TSA lines get longer and security issues lengthen the time it takes to get on board, private plane travelers have started to explore private vehicle chauffeur companies to escort them to and from the tarmac.

DPV Transportation Worldwide is a premiere chauffeured luxury vehicle transportation provider that specializes in groups, events, and executive business travel. We are experienced large-scale group event managers and have managed the transportation for event sizes that range from a few hundred people up to tens of thousands of travelers. We have vehicles that range from buses to luxury sedans and we also work closely with FBOs for private plane travelers.

When we send out chauffeurs for private plane pickups, here are the things we do to make sure we are providing the best service possible.

Make contact with the FBO about the flight and be knowledgeable about correct airport pickup and drop off locations.

The most important and first thing to consider is where to drop off or pickup at the airport, because many FBOs operate out of smaller airports where it might not be clear. DPV Transportation makes sure to train all our chauffeurs on the proper pickup and dropoff locations and procedures, so that there is no confusion during transfer.

Use clean luxury vehicles that can accommodate luggage.

SUVs, Sprinters, vans, even limousines, are common vehicles requested for private plane pickups and drop-offs. These vehicles must be new (within three years), well-maintained, and made of a luxury brand.

Chauffeurs help with luggage.

The chauffeur is the face of the company and should embody the luxury experience. DPV Transportation chauffeurs help with luggage and are knowledgeable of the local regions to help answer any questions passengers might have.

Flight Tracking, GPS Vehicle Tracking, and Duty of Care.

No service would be complete today without real-time updates, that’s why DPV Transportation uses flight and vehicle tracking softwares to make sure each pickup and dropoff is precise and on time. No matter if a flight is delayed or early, our chauffeurs will know ahead of time and be prepared and waiting for the moment the plane’s wheels touch the ground.

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Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.