Charter bus for sports teams

With DPV Transportation’s charter bus for sports teams, make your ride to the next game a safe, comfortable, and premium experience. Whether you’re coaching, playing, or cheering a sports team charter or shuttle bus service is your best choice for transportation.

Safe Charter Transport for Athletes or Fans

If you’re looking for a safe, spacious, and stress-free way to transport your group, DPV Transportation has the best options for big, small, professional or college teams. We are a nationally trusted transportation provider that offers comfortable charter bus rentals with skilled and professional drivers.

Hiring an athletic bus rental service means you’ll be prioritizing safety, vehicle storage, and keeping to an organized schedule. Call 1-877-378-4445 today and request your free quote from one of our schedule specialists.

Charter Bus Rentals for Sports Teams

Benefits of Charter Bus for Sports Teams

When you book a spacious motorcoach for your tournament, match, game, or team outing all you need to do is kick back and get excited because everything else is solved.

The most important thing for professional and college athletes while traveling is their health and safety. With that in mind, our spacious and comfortable charter buses come with a skilled and professional driver. You can relax and enjoy the ride because safety and friendliness are our drivers’ top priorities.

You’ll also have access to premium amenities designed for your rest and comfort like reclining their seats, free Wi-Fi, and power outlets so your players can get a full rest and be entertained while they travel.

The buses also have climate control, extra legroom, and onboard restrooms for optimal comfort.

There are also spacious luggage bays underneath the bus for your equipment and coolers and in-cabin overhead storage bins for your passengers’ personal items.

Luxury executive motor coach interior

What Types of Sports Charter Buses Do We Offer?

Deluxe Coach Buses: The most luxurious of charter bus rentals, offering several modern amenities, including high-speed WIFI, air conditioning, audiovisual equipment, and an onboard restroom to help avoid unnecessary pit-stops.

Minibus: Spacious and comfortable. Enjoy many of the same luxuries of a full-sized coach bus in a more compact package. Mini coach bus rentals are built for comfort and are versatile enough to be used for both short and long-distance trips.

Low Floor Transit Buses: These buses are among the most practical buses available, offering an affordable transportation solution for groups and trips of all sizes.

Sprinter Van: If you’re traveling with a smaller team luxury vans are spacious, and comfortable, and come with enough luggage space to store all the gear you need to win.

Mini-bus for Group transportation Services

FAQ About Sports Team Bus Rental

How many seats does a sports charter bus have?

Charter Bus Rentals for Sports Teams come in different capacities to fit your needs. A typical bus will have around 56 seats depending on the manufacturer and model, but they can have anywhere from 36 to 60 seats.

If you’re looking for a more compact vehicle, consider renting a minibus, which typically seats fewer than 35 passengers.

May I brand a sports charter bus?

Yes! When you contact us about the rental ask about having your team’s colors, logo or mascot wrapped. One of our reservation specialists will be able to help you with the logistics for this feature.

ADA compliant Shuttle Bus

What Amenities Does Have a Charter Bus For Sports Teams?

One of the main reasons you should hire a sports bus for your events or season is because of its premium amenities.

You will be able to choose from a wide range that can be requested at no additional charge. Just keep in mind that smaller buses may offer less, and different options and specific packages vary from bus to bus.

Our reservation specialists can help you answer any questions regarding amenities but to list them, here are some of them:


· Space and comfort

· Recline seats

· Professional drivers

· Climate control

· Free WiFi and power outlets

· Onboard restrooms

· Undercarriage luggage bays

· In-cabin overhead storage

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Can We Book a Bus For The Team For The Whole Season?

Yes, that is also possible. DPV Transportation offers long-term contracts. With your seasonal transportation planned in advance, you can be stress-free and focus on bringing home the win. No more scrambling for a transportation service every other week.

However, this type of scheduling needs assistance from a booking specialist. They will help you arrange a program to cover the whole season.

Bowie State University Campus

We Provide The Best Charter Bus Rentals for Sports Teams

We offer several vehicles to transport athletic teams of all sizes. All are late-model vehicles with experienced chauffeurs. Amenities available include spacious leather seating, heating, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, USB ports, TV’s, Radio, CD, Wheelchair accessibility and microphone upon request. All are equipped with the latest technology including real time tracking, custom branded apps, two-way communication and a host of other features. Below are the types of uses for vehicles.

Shuttle Bus Services

Employee Shuttle Services

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

University Shuttle Bus

Charter Buses

Event Transportation Services

College Buses

University shuttle bus services are a great way for students, staff, and visitors to travel between the university campuses, schools and surrounding areas. At DPV Worldwide Transportation, we provide university shuttle buses that are safe, reliable, and affordable. We also offer custom shuttle bus services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.
We are constantly updating our fleet with the newest technologies and the latest features to make your trip as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Pick DPV Transportation as Your Athletic, Team, or Fan Bus Charter Service

Starts planning your team’s next trip today! We offer a safe and reliable transportation service that will remove a significant amount of stress from the process of traveling with your team.

Help us understand your budget in order to connect you with the best advisor from our company who will assist you.

Special Payment Terms

We specialize in transport services for groups with competitive rates and a variety of payment options. We realize that each client has their own requirements, payment terms and conditions and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

The type of vehicle, number of vehicles rented, and contract length all have an impact on rates. We would welcome an opportunity to provide a quote based on your requirements.


Ground Transportation Technologies

At DPV Transportation Worldwide, we are committed to providing the best possible ground transportation services to our clients. We constantly update our systems and vehicles to make sure we are providing the best possible service. By using a customized tracking app, communication systems, on board cameras, two-way communication and real time GPS tracking, we are miles ahead of the competition. Our analytics are top notch.

Transportation Tracking System

The transportation tracking system helps us keep track of the company’s fleet in real-time, allowing us to observe each vehicle’s current location as well as the route it is travelling. This helps us manage our resources more effectively and ensure that everyone arrives at their destination on time.


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in New England

As minority-owned transportation company, we value diversity and equal opportunity. At our company, 80% of our employees are minorities, which is four times the industry average. We also have the highest DOT safety ratings for the last 5 years. We have MBE certifications with the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office, National Supplier Development Council, NYC Small Business Services and Department of Transportation DBE Certification.

Where Do We Provide Transportation Services?

DPV Transportation can help you transport a group of people to or from any of the following states:

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