What Makes An Expert Road Show Chauffeur?

June 21, 2017

When it comes to financial investor road shows, the experience and professionalism of the chauffeur driving the vehicle can make a big impact on the overall quality of the trip.

Investor road shows are high-intensity affairs, with many meetings planned each day that require multiple trips through traffic congested streets. When you hire a top-level transportation company, you’re going to not only get the best vehicle on the road to suit your needs, you’re also going to get the best professional chauffeur to help get you there.

DPV Transportation Worldwide is a premiere Luxury transportation specialist that focuses on corporate and large group travel. We service investor road shows on a consistent basis in locations all over the world, and have learned that it takes a special quality of chauffeur to truly excel at the demanding road show job.

With so many new drivers now on the transportation market, who’ve signed up quickly to start working for TNCs without proper licensing, insurance, or background checks, we feel it’s important to point out the hallmarks of what makes a true professional.

Road show chauffeurs have a solid knowledge of the local roads and streets, and go over all the routes on a checklist before the trip even starts. Because of the complex nature of road show work, and because it’s vital for clients to  be exactly on time so they do not miss a meeting, more experienced chauffeurs with patience and thoughtfulness excel at road show work.

Road show chauffeurs work in close coordination with special dispatchers and travel managers on the day(s) of the road show to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. The high stakes involved with financial road shows require total accountability, and constant communication. For many road shows, a special coordinator is assigned to the team, especially if there are multiple vehicles involved. These specialists are often at a designated communication center, and can make immediate requests for vehicles on standby, or relay new destination coordinates to chauffeurs on the road.

Road show chauffeurs understand non-disclosure mandates and keep the privacy of clients a top priority. Clients who travel with experienced road show chauffeurs know that they are in a professional environment at all times during transit, and are free to discuss details of their meetings and business plans without worrying that the chauffeur could compromise or leak the information.

Road show chauffeurs operate under full “Duty of Care” standards, and are prepared to handle not only last-minute schedule changes, but emergency situations as well. One of the biggest differences between a TNC driver and a professional chauffeur is their overall preparedness and commitment to the job. All of our chauffeurs at DPV Transportation Worldwide are trained extensively and have plans in place if vehicles break down or if there is the unfortunate event of an accident.

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Empower your people to move forward.

Empower your people to move forward.